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Why You Should Consider Upgrading To An Electric Kettle?

When I think of electric kettles, I think about the days in which my mother would try to prepare tea for my father and me. The struggle was real when it came to trying to heat up water in an old kettle on the stove top. It seemed like every time she would try to make tea, she would boil too much or too little water. Since my parents always had to struggle with the kettle, it seemed like it was time for an upgrade! So why should you consider upgrading to an electric kettle?

Stress-Free Kitchen Time

One of the greatest things that I have noticed since switching over to our new adjustable electric kettle is that there’s no longer any stress or struggle to make that cup of tea. The kettle has a built-in kettle, which allows you to lift the lid and look inside with ease. This is great for those who want to check on their water without having to open the entire kettle. On top of this, if you ever need a refill or more water during your brew time, all you have to do is lift the kettle and add in what you need.

Easy To Clean And Dishwasher Safe

With improved technology comes new appliance materials, which mean easier clean up! Our electric kettle has a detachable base, so all of the parts are dishwasher safe. This makes it simple for anyone who wants to quickly rinse out their kettle. Whether you hate scrubbing or are short on time, the detachable base makes it simple for anyone to clean their kettle easily.

Delicious Water For Your Favorite Beverages

Our electric kettle has seven different heat settings that allow you to choose the perfect tempature for your beverage! We first used this feature when we were making someĀ  green tea. We found that when you pour in water at a lower temperature, it gives the tea more time to steep and makes for a richer flavor. It can be difficult to find what works best with your favorite drink, but our adjustable kettle makes it simple to find the perfect tempature without any extra effort on your part!

Great For A Variety of Drinks

In addition to all of the above perks, one of my favorite things about our adjustable electric kettle is that it can heat up a variety of drinks. Our new adjustable kettle has a great temperature range and works for a variety of beverages such as: coffee, green tea, black tea, apple cider and more! For those who are looking for new appliances, this kettle is definitely something to consider.

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